Welcome, friends, to The Theater at Woodshill in 2021. There is a great deal to discover and a great many magical affairs to undertake. We begin the year with the much-anticipated release of our first-ever fully soundscaped and orchestrated audioplay, Twelfth Night, or, What You Will, on January 22nd.

Later this year we will launch a new online presence at this same web address, so stay tuned! Much to do till then. We’ll see you soon.

In all duty and observance,

Allen Guy Wilcox,
Artistic Director

“Gentles, perchance you wonder at this show; but wonder on, till truth make all things plain.”
-Peter Quince, A Midsummer Night’s Dream,V.i

Theater at Woodshill

T he Theater at Woodshill is a 501c3 non-profit arts organization dedicated to bringing to life the works of William Shakespeare. Housed on a beautiful farm in upstate New York, the company believes that reinvigorating Shakespeare’s canon in our time requires a return to the basics of theatrical production, an inclusive approach to casting, and an emphasis on leveraging our programming to contextualize the plays. We favor direct storytelling, a connection to the natural world, and a reintroduction of the music from Shakespeare’s plays back into the performances.

Shakespeare with a sense of humor and a sense of immediacy.

Along with our commitment to the works of Shakespeare, The Theater at Woodshill is focused on providing educational opportunities for its community through workshops in acting, design, production, and dramaturgy. We are devoted to performing the Bard’s great works in repertory with other classics of the stage, both ancient and modern alike.